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Experience of senior executives is the key to success in the complex world. Efficient, profit-centered departments increase business innovation in digital age. We have done things for many years quite successfully. Why should we change? A university degree prepares you for future jobs in the growingly complex world. Innovation should be determined by the capacity of the current team. Return on Investment ROI is the best tool to measure success of businesses and organizations. As an outcome, we are witnessing the broken world, reflected in our political systems, economy, ethics, culture, health, education, and ecology.

Free markets can succeed for all if business works with the people, not just sells to them. All the broken things must be transformed. Our book is organized in three parts. The first is Assessing the conditions. The second Designing mindset and tools required for change. The third part is Re-inventing social impact solutions that generate sustainable change. Collaborate as though no obstacles exist. Manage as though sustainability is your bottom line. Thank you. His team is collaborating with Legacy International NGO specializing in training future leaders to develop the Global Transformation Corps as an interactive network of executives, experts, impact investors and emerging leaders to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of our 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Sign in. Get started. Ira Kaufman Follow. ThinkCatalytic Inspiring and sustaining catalytic thinking to fuel change in our World4. Transformation strategist. These are good examples of projects and activism but what we need is comprehensive national and industry planning and instead the US takes India to the WTO trade disputes panel for supporting their solar industry and - worse - the tribunal agrees with the U.

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For unions, our members are involved in every aspect of this challenge - the activists campaigning for action on climate of whom we are proud, the workers in renewable energy who we are organizing and the workers in fossil fuel production and energy distribution. These workers have brought us the prosperity of today and we demand they be treated with respect and that the transition be a just transition. Agenda 30, supplemented by the Paris Agreement, charts a course for a socially just and environmentally sustainable world but the public debate here is the isolationist flag of Brexit.

In Europe it is 'fortress Europe', the xenophobia and the unacceptable plan that the EU has been discussing with Turkey. We demand safe haven and the right to work with equal treatment for all workers. Caring is what makes us human and with a refugee crisis that is greater than at any time since World War II we turn our backs on people fleeing conflict or economic desperation. And we haven't seen the fist wave of climate refugees yet. So stopping the bombs, seeing dictators off the stage - yes.

But seeing desperate people as less than human, as requiring military solutions, walls or paper billions to keep them out will lead to the festering of greater unrest. Reducing inequality and stabilizing the global economy requires us to raise wages, restore social protection and eliminate inequality for and barriers to women's participation in the labour market but to realise both inclusive growth and a stable climate integrated systems change is urgent. The real potential for progress lies in the momentum being generated by increasing numbers of business leaders and investors, union and civil society.

Over 1, major companies have signaled their support for carbon pricing.

40 Quotes About Broken Hearts That Are Just Too Real

Policymakers have no excuse not to move forward on adopting a realistic price and a percentage could be directed to a 'just transition' fund to build trust in vulnerable communities. Indeed over businesses already use an internal carbon price to guide investment decisions, including Shell, BP, Exxon-Mobil, and ConocoPhillips. But some of the same companies still lobby against such measures and major investors are still blind to both the risk of stranded assets and their responsibility to demand transition plans for decarbonisation and jobs from all companies.

Tragically to date the speed and the global reach of renewable energy, industrial transformation and greenhouse gas emissions, with a shift to a circular economy that gives us a fighting chance to stay within planetary boundaries, is still lagging. The global surface temperatures across land and ocean in February were 1.

The global record was set just one month earlier, with January already beating the average for that month by 1. If we don't pick up the pace, we could lose the battle against poverty and inequality and face increased social division that is already eating at the heart of stable democracies and our communities.

We could lose the fight against climate change with even more horrendous consequences for the human species. Economic and environmental sustainability is without any doubt now a question of what future we want for humanity. This text is taken from a speech given by Sharan Burrow in London on 15 March Simply put — we need a reusable revolution to get us out of the recycling mess. Magicians use misdirection to direct their audience to see what they want them to see so that they can trick you into believing what they have done is really magic.

This is very similar to the tactic used to get our society to a place where recycling symbolizes the height of environmentalism. Our living grandparents will laugh at the idea of waste; they will tell us that they most likely never even had a trash bin. What was life like before disposable plastic? The big shift towards normalized disposability was initiated in , when the first Earth Day was celebrated in the US, with this famous Keep America Beautiful ad : it features an Italian-American actor poised as a Native American who sheds a single tear as an oblivious passerby chucks a bag of trash out of his car window, into the street.

People can stop it. This ad and many others to come were funded by Keep America Beautiful KAB , a front for a lobby group made up of representatives from the major beverage companies. The very strategic goal was to turn the attention away from the rising concern for the environment in a post-Vietnam era, as soda and milk bottles were swapped out from reusable ones which cost the companies money in collecting and washing to the disposable alternatives. The slight of hand trick was to make out as though the problem was not the calculated shift to normalizing disposability, but the acts of the individuals, who prior to this, were not used to non-biodegradable materials filling their daily lives.

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This included transportation packaging, secondary packaging i. This act particularly targeted producers and encouraged them to focus on one of three waste management strategies: waste avoidance, waste recovery and environmentally compatible disposal. The contrast in policy and in recycling success rates here further solidifies that manufacturers should be held accountable for packaging and that the solution is sustainable, circular design.

The challenge is how can you help make that happen? Additionally, closed loop service provision systems like the recently launched Loop , will help dramatically eliminate single use packaging at least. We are always finding ways to help people make positive change at the UnSchool and overcoming the inertia that often seeps in when problems of this magnitude are presented. So, here are some really good first steps you can start with.

Individual lifestyle swaps : get some small wins under your belt to motivate you and influence others around you, by refusing single-use, taking your own, asking for reusables, or refusing to buy something. This has positive ripple effects, as the more people who see a new practice, the more normal it becomes in society at large.

Medium, and Money

It might seem futile, but bigger systemic impacts come through the regular consumption choices we make everyday. Look also at what you can do it your professional life by letting your workplace know you want to help them swap from disposables to reusables. Enough people doing this in the world at large will redesign the normalization habits of hyper-disposability so that it goes out with the trash. Want to get started on designing for a circular future? Sign in. Get started.