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Now, D. A Joker scheme. The crime clown will threaten to have the city tickled to death by feathers treated with a Joker toxin unless, that is, his ransom demands are met. A respectable crime, to be sure, though I personally would commit something more elaborate. If your mind didn't happen to be sentenced to life in this electronic prison, D.

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On the contrary, professor, as long as I have my mind, Gotham City shall never be safe. What just happened? Gotham's ultimate criminal mastermind has just escaped. I've no idea what could have caused this glitch. Better call one of the techies down here. Perhaps we should call the Batman instead. The Dark Knight fights real criminals, professor, not floppy disks. A real criminal is exactly what the Digitally-Advanced Villain Emulator thinks it is. How can D. The criminally insane create their own reality, Mr.

And now I fear D. And how exactly is it supposed to do that without a body? What are you? Not what. I like your coat.

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For years you have listened to the idle threats of criminals who have vowed and failed to bring the city to its knees. Well, I am no ordinary criminal. I am Gotham's ultimate criminal mastermind. And I'm about to prove that even the most heavily-secured institutions can't prevent me from committing the ultimate crime, a crime of such scope and genius that soon all of Gotham will be mine. Pure textbook. Announcing his crime over the airwaves, a massive ego.

Trademarks of the villain profiles that make up D. So where will D. Nothing's more heavily secured than Gotham's most powerful supercomputer. That contains the city's most sensitive data, financial and otherwise.

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And in the wrong hands, that data could bring the city to its knees. Estimated lack of consciousness: Estimated completion of data acquisition: Nine minutes, 15 seconds. Good evening, gentlemen. A million possible security codes. Let's try them all.

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Timing is everything. The central data server. Gotham City, in the palm of my hand. The Batman. You're late. Didn't know I was expected.

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My superior intellect considers all possible actions, including the most predictable ones. Don't let my appearance fool you, Batman. My mind is most human.

Or should I say, superhuman? Did you say why? Why do you dress like a bat? Why do you fight crime? Why do we do anything, Batman? I do what I do because I have made it my purpose like you have made it yours to stop me. But shall fail trying. With the addition of the names of the 54 men and nine women - the most ever honored in one year - the memorial now includes the names of 1, police officers.

The Criminal Justice Knowledge Bank allows police, prosecutors and probation professionals to share promising and innovative programs and practices designed to reduce crime and recidivism. The site also features links to national criminal justice resources and information about the Criminal Justice Research Consortium , which connects these professionals with academics across the state to research and develop evidence-based approaches to address specific public safety issues in their communities.

To assist individuals in applying for clemency, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is partnering with several organizations from the legal community to provide free clemency petition services to individuals incarcerated by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. Please contact PardonsAndCommutations doccs. Your browser does not support iFrames.

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Navigation menu. Prev Loading Fallen police officers honored The Police Officers' Memorial Remembrance Ceremony honored 63 police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to communities across the state. A comparative analysis is also provided with reference to the rule as it operates in the United States of America and more specifically Federal Rule It is concluded that the ultimate issue rule unnecessarily restricts testimony provided by mental health professionals as such placing a barrier on such evidence.

Essay Example: The Ultimate Criminal Master Mind: Ted Bundy

As such, it is argued that the rule is superfluous as it remains within the discretion of the trier of fact to decide as to what weight to attach to such evidence. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Didn't get the message? Find out why Add to Clipboard. Add to Collections.