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Homeric Hymns

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The Iliad and the Odyssey (Oxford World's Classics) translated by Anthony Verity

The direct allusion to West's work on p. At times R. It would be a new Herculean Labour to go through this translation with a toothcomb and pick out words that would be different had West's text been used. The bibliography makes no reference to works or translations in languages other than English, but that can be seen to conform with the Penguin agenda.

As I wrote concerning Crudden, 'the English or American reader of the Homeric Hymns is pampered and mollycoddled by a plethora of good translations' and now I should add, 'of commentaries'. The sense of delight and joy running through the hymns is preserved in C. The hymns stand now as works of great poetic force, full of grace and lyricism, and ranging in tone from irony to solemnity, ebullience to grandeur: the variations in metre and line- and verse-length help to emphasise these contrasts.

Their richness of language evokes the rich beauty of the natural world, of whose power and splendour the Greek gods are the manifestation. This is why these poems, stemming from a distant past and informed with this new and balanced commentary and translated in varying ways, continue to speak to us still with so clear a voice even today.

The Homeric Hymns, Oxford World's Classics by Michael Crudden | | Booktopia

Comparable versions are listed on p. Cambridge, Mass. I omit Edgar and Lang as being outdated. It is important to emphasise that Boer and Sargent have no notes and that Crudden has useful summaries of recent scholarship on the hymns. West has a new and corrected version of the Greek text, including his own improvements and conjectures, together with numerous observations on content. One could now add Diane Rayor's forthcoming introduction, translation and notes University of California Press, February BMCR Bryn Mawr Classical Review With Introduction and Notes by Nicholas Richardson.

ISBN Reviewed by Stephen Evans, University of Turku ilias sci. Hymn This poem is cut up into two- and one-line verses. Hymn This hymn is composed of four verses of three lines each. Hymn The text here is left-justified.

Notes: 1. Index for Change Greek Display. Read preview. Synopsis This new, fully-annotated translation by a leading expert on Hesiodic poems combines accuracy with readability and includes an introduction and explanatory notes on these two works by one of the oldest known Greek poets. The Theogony contains a systematic genealogy and account of the struggles of the gods, and the Works and Days offers a compendium of moral and practical advice for a life of honest husbandry.

Excerpt Hesiod is a less familiar name to the general reader than Homer, Aeschylus, or Plato, and no one would claim that he is as great a writer as they. We use cookies to deliver a better user experience and to show you ads based on your interests. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy.