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Yona of the Dawn has Shin-ah who grew up shunned by his village. The only one who would have anything to do with him was Ao, the previous Seiryuu who was a pretty harsh and damaged guy due to the shunning and the "curse" of the Dragon's Eyes. Shin-ah desperately wanted friends, but was repeatedly told by Ao how impossible that was.

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Ao died when Shin-ah was four, and the little boy spent the next 14 years all alone. Kaoruko of Comic Girls , because she's social phobic.

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Her editor suggests that her lack of storytelling skills in the Schoolgirl Series genre comes from this. My Hero Academia : Izuku Midoriya is an invoked example. He considered Katsuki Bakugo his childhood friend, but throughout all the flashbacks he had with him, Izuku was constantly being humiliated by Bakugo and his cronies, which didn't exactly paint them both as friends.

Once Bakugo's Quirk started to develop during kindergarten, however, Bakugo's personality Flashing forward to the present day, and Izuku hasn't made any friends since then and was constantly on the receiving end of Bakugo's assholery any time Izuku made his wish to become a hero known. It took a miracle and an entry to the UA for Izuku to finally make honest friends with Ochaco and Iida which by then it was assumed none of the other classmates had made friends in their own classroom yet , which was saying something. Tsuyu Asui admits that she had trouble making friends before joining UA.

One reason was that between taking care of her younger siblings due to her parents' busy work schedules and studying to get into a good high school, she didn't have enough time for a social life. The other reason is that her classmates were put off by her froglike appearance. The very first friend she made, Habuko Mongoose, was similarly friendless beforehand due to her awkward and creepy behavior and snakelike appearance.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : In the Stardust Crusaders arc, Noriaki Kakyoin wasn't able to make any sort of connection with other kids when he was younger due to the fact that no one else could see his Hierophant Green. He is reminded of this fact whenever he sees his Stand, but then expresses gratitude for being able to meet Jotaro, Joseph, Avdol, and Polnareff - four people who could see his Hierophant and be able to genuinely understand him. Subverted in Vento Aureo. Giorno Giovanna started out this way when he was young, due to the fact that he was a half-Japanese kid living in Naples and had a habit of trying to read other people, which was a result of his abusive father.

However, after Giorno saved the life of a wounded gangster, Giorno was suddenly best friends with the all of the kids in town thanks to the gangster watching over him as repayment for Giorno's kindness. She eventually comes around to her teammates and sees them as True Companions , but she won't easily admit it. This all changes when she becomes a Hero. To better get along with her two teammates, Washio looks up "how to make friends" online. Comic Books. Peter Parker was portrayed as being fairly isolated throughout his high school years not so much later on ,. Adaptations that make Harry, Gwen, or Mary Jane his longtime friends tend to ignore that Pete didn't meet any of them until college.

Huntress ; particularly emphasized in certain issues of Birds of Prey ; a somewhat unusual example, in that she did have family, some of whom genuinely cared for her although they were all evil , but until she teamed up with the Black Canary , she never had even one friend. There's some Fridge Logic to this: making friends with the daughter of a Mafia don is all very well, but if there's a serious falling-out, your face might appear on a milk carton. Although it really had more to do with the fact that the mafia assassins who raised her, the Asaros, deliberately kept her isolated.

An example of the second sort: if Tintin had any friends at all besides Snowy prior to the start of his adventures, they are never mentioned. However, it does not seem to be from a preference to be alone, a lack of social skills or some such as a whole lot of characters Tintin encounters during his adventures become his friends, and some very close ones indeed Haddock, Chang, Calculus with no problem.

One could theorize that Tintin's schoolmates etc. Runaways : Xavin has outright said that their parents did not allow them to have any friends growing up, and their arrogance and chauvinism did not help them in making friends after joining the team. Before joining the team, Klara had been disowned by her family, and her only source of human companionship was her husband She did have the ability to talk to roses, and they would talk back, but her husband kept cutting and selling the roses for booze money. Molly Hayes appears to have been her first real friend, and incidentally, she is fiercely protective of Molly.

Clark : She was so frightened.

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And she feels so alone. Linda : It's just I'm so alone, y'know? It's so hard to make friends Until they met Italy. While Harry himself is not this by the start of Child of the Storm , he didn't have any friends growing up. Wanda kept a watch out for him, and managed to intervene once, but to do any more would have put him in danger. His cousin Jean took him under her wing when her family visited, but Sinister acted to ensure that Harry wouldn't be taken from the Dursleys and thus Happily Adopted by the Grey family in order to maintain his experiment.

He also tends to attract people like this. Carol's only two close friends are Jean-Paul and Lex, the latter of whom is a self appointed Knight Templar Big Brother for whom she is occasionally required to act as a Morality Chain. It's implied then revealed in the sequel that the rest of her football team likes her, but they aren't what you'd call really close. As for her family life, her father has a Stay in the Kitchen attitude and her mother is a doormat. Jean-Paul's only friend at all prior to meeting Harry is Carol and possibly his possibly crazy twin sister.

Diana , the Olympian ward, happens to be a remarkably talented warrior. She also had to endure Hera's repeated attempts to kill her due to her being a daughter of Hercules which is why she's in Asgard in the first place as Hercules begged Athena and Loki to help him protect her and tends to unsettle people thanks to her empathic abilities , which tend to make her come off as a more down to Earth and even more disturbingly insightful version of Luna Lovegood.

Uhtred is implied not to have many friends due to his obsessive desire to stand out from his family and Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy attitude, which he later drops.

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When Vera is hospitalized for poisoning in Dirty Sympathy Apollo, Klavier and Trucy are the only people that visit her because her only family is dead and she was a Hikikomori , she doesn't have any friends. Trucy: It's not like she has any friends besides us! Films — Animation. Early scenes show his attempts to gain friends, all of which backfire miserably in a combination of bad luck and Fantastic Racism , culminating in his decision to become a supervillain. Also, she's shown to be mocked for talking to sea creatures.

In Frozen , Anna and Elsa were raised in seclusion their whole lives and didn't have any friends throughout their childhoods. This may be why Anna was so naive to the point that she was willing to marry Hans, a guy she just met who turned out to be an usurping scumbag. With regards to Hans, the creators have confirmed that he indeed grew up without love and had nobody in his large family whom he could confide in.

Double Trouble!

Over time, he became bitter and envious of his twelve older brothers, all of whom were successful. How to Train Your Dragon : Hiccup is ostracized and bullied by his entire community for being weak and relying on his brain rather than brawny. Even his own father openly tells him he has to change. The closest he has to a "friend" is Parental Substitute Gobber, who still views him as a nuisance most of the time and tells him it's what's on the inside of him that causes problems. His first true friend is Toothless, the titular dragon.

Of course, as it's a forbidden friendship, Toothless' attachment only serves to make him more of an outcast. Films — Live-Action. The Heat : Ashburn. She grew up in foster care and then as an adult FBI agent, her need to demonstrate her intellect at the expense of others alienates them. Doc Holliday in Tombstone. Doc Holliday : Because Wyatt Earp is my friend. Turkey Creek Jack Johnson : Friend? Hell, I got lots of friends. Doc Holliday : I don't. Richard : It may not mean much to you, since you have so many Starlord : after Rocket as threatened to kill them again You see!? That's exactly why none of you have any friends!

In A Brother's Price , Jerin Whistler doesn't have any male friends, as boys are very rare, and he doesn't like the neighbour's boy, Balin Brindle. The only non-related woman he has close contact with prior to the plot is his teacher.

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Friendless Background

She's a kind of family friend, and Jerin had a crush on her. When he meets the young nobleman Cullen, they become friends immediately, as both of them are thrilled to finally have someone their own age to talk to. In Dragon Bones , Ward starts the story without any friends, which is mostly due to his Obfuscating Stupidity for the past seven years, which even estranged his younger brother.

From what we see of Prince Hans' life before going to Arendelle in A Frozen Heart , he didn't have anyone except his family. Within his family, he was the proverbial Black Sheep and Extreme Doormat — in fact, his father and 11 of his older brothers saw him a pushover for not fighting back at the abuse they throw at him.

Three of his brothers even pretended he was "invisible" for two straight years , while the others subjected him to extensive physical and psychological bullying as he grew up. By the time he's an adult, he's a traumatized husk who has given up fighting back, but even this made things worse. The closest to support he has were Lars and his mother, but neither of them are close enough to help him get through life.