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Buy an autographed copy of Conversations with the King. Rock Sex-N-Roll , a photo-book showcasing Elvis' breakout year, ? Nigel Patterson recently re-entered EIN HQ to find out if the release lives up to the high promise of its pre-publication pr. Added: 13 May Read Nigel's review here. Stanley spent seventeen years growing up with his iconic stepbrother Elvis Presley. From to he was the young apprentice to an Elvis few knew—Elvis the mystic and healer.

Elvis Presley: Memphis - Mark Bernardo - كتب Google

In his new book, Conversations with the King: Journals of a Young Apprentice , David chronicles the spiritual journey he took during his 17 years with Elvis and addresses perhaps today's biggest spiritual challenge: Closing the gap between the higher wisdom that comes through us and our everyday behavior that often contradicts it. David will commence a world tour talking about Conversations with the King later in Aussie fans should note Australia is one of his planned destinations!

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More to come. News, Source: Katy Stanley, April Conversations with the King website. Interview with David Stanley. Protecting the King DVD review. In his autobiography 'Way Down' Jerry Scheff gives us his view of some of music's biggest names as their audiences never saw them, tired at the end of a session, burned out after a show, inspired by a new song. Particularly interesting are his emotional insider tales of touring with the "Elvis Family".

W e will be updating this page often so check back for the latest. We will also be doing some contests with prizes and top secret stuff! For more information and to buy the original book The Presley Arrangement , visit:. Value added extras are relevant street maps of Memphis and chapter notes source references. This comprehensive tour of places on which Elvis left his mark includes the Peabody Hotel, where he had his senior prom; Ellis Auditorium, where he played his first show; the Sun Studio, where he recorded his first singles; Lansky Brothers Clothiers, where he bought his suits; and Graceland, where he lived with his wife Priscilla and died in Source: EIN, April Quite simply, 50s Radio in Color is one of those rare releases!

How 'Bout A Date? Encounters with the Young Elvis Pocket Book Review : This new page release written by Caroline Cahoon-Hauser and her son, Robert, takes the reader back to the informal days of the Hillbilly Cat prior to superstardom. Ms Cahoon was lucky enough to attract the attention of Elvis following a concert in Sheffield, Alabama in August and subsequently went out on a date with the future King of Rock 'n' Roll.

The author writes of a more innocent time filled with soda pop and burnt bacon sandwiches, vehicle street parades and a complex series of events about to dramatically impact on Elvis' life. The result is an engaging account of the time and her real-life date with Elvis!

The book attains its pages by including details of Elvis' broader life and career. Book Review: Elvis in Vegas:. After more than four years research, Paul Lichter recently released his latest deluxe book So does Elvis in Vegas, with its hundreds of visuals and a detailed narrative element, live up to its pre-release hype? The book contains pages describing in meticulous detail exactly what it was like to see Elvis at the International.

Elvis Presley Memphis MusicPlace

Taken from the diaries of super fan Peggy Elzea, the chapters describe meeting Elvis backstage, the shows, the hotel, the staff, the food, even the call-girls. There are sections of tape transcripts, jumpsuit descriptions, photographs of memorabilia, the hotel's advertising campaign, the list goes on. If you ever wanted to know how Elvis chipped his tooth on stage in even that is in here.

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With approximately , words, there will never be a better chance to read about Elvis' first engagements in Vegas as seen through the eyes of a fan who was there. Click here as EIN's Piers Beagley checks out whether the book lives up to the description and with plenty of book extracts to read. Published by Yahama Music Media Corporation in , Viva Elvis is a deluxe, page hardback with dust jacket visual assault on your senses! Showcasing a mouth watering array of high quality Elvis photos these are damn fine and eye pleasing images!!! Most are in glorious color. And for mine, there are many previously unseen visuals!

Be it Elvis lying flat on his back on stage in dynamic karate movement in San Diego; with tongue poking out in San Francisco; or passionately delivering a booming ballad in New York, Viva Elvis is an absolute visual and most visceral delight to savor time and time again.

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The images symbolise the charisma and energy of Elvis Aaron Presley, the universally recognised King of Rock 'n' Roll, in performance……. There is indeed, a Pied Piper on stage, a Pied Piper resplendent in a pot pourii of strikingly immaculate jumpsuits of different colors and designs! T o provide a feel for the range of concerts covered in Viva Elvis , just some of the shows photographed by Ed Bonja and presented in the book are:.

While the Japanese edition of Viva Elvis includes the statement that the book was first published in the UK by Studio Cactus also in , if this did occur copies must now be like the Dodo bird… The existence of only the Japanese text edition also explains why such a great release has received little recognition throughout the Elvis community. And if you can comprehend the Japanese written word, you will indulge your reading fluency as well. I'd wager that not too many fans are aware of this little known, but fascinating, part of the Elvis story.

Since publishing the first edition, Hayden, one of Australia's most well known and respected rock 'n' roll collectors and experts, has been able to source out and amass significantly more information and photographs around the tour. The result is a well written and engrossing account highlighting the importance of Elvis "downunder", jam packed with fantastic visuals!! EIN recently took time out to explore what '71 At 40 has to offer. What we found was a visually pleasing portfolio of images many rare or previously unpublished from the 12 cities visited throughout the tour supported by two informative essays by Paul Lichter and an array of press clippings published during the tour.

In Treat Me Nice , Howard Jackson presents a formidable treatise, a rich tapestry of insight, analysis, comparison and acute commentary. With every November performance examined in detail over pages, it features more than photographs many previously unpublished, plenty of memorabilia plus exclusive original tour documents. Packed with rare pics and full reviews for each show it is one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the somewhat forgotten Elvis year of It has been described as a labour-of-love by a true Elvis fan who wanted to self-publish a worthy book for true Elvis fans.

Approximately exclusive and breathtaking photographs!!!

stock photos, vectors and videos

Both concerts are still NOT officially released and Venus have created a high-quality production with a delightful page book full of great photographs and text. The notes say that the source used was the "first generation soundboard tapes" and it sure sounds like it! Both concerts are in great quality and deserve to be released by FTD! As we head into EIN looks back to check out a few favourite releases from last year.

The fact is that it also Sold Out before being despatched and so hardly needs a review. Plus it is damn expensive and well out of the range of most fans! Such a gigantic deluxe set is difficult to comprehend until you have spent some time absorbing all its details. It is almost impossible to cover such a mammoth project properly in a small review. Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley provides a detailed in-depth review - with plenty of fabulous images - and discovers the good, and possibly bad, of this all-mighty Elvis release.

Elvis Presley Book - The Graceland Gates - by cousin Harold Loyd - Softcover

EIN's Piers Beagley spent a few days indulging in this mammoth box-set and writing this in-depth review - After all the wait does it match up to the hype? Exhibiting great research and careful thought, the author offers a vibrant, fly-on-the-wall account of how Elvis resurrected himself and why the decline happened.

July For most fans it's a mouth watering delight The sight of two of Hollywood's most attractive stars in the one film could not miss - and its success was amplified by the sizzling on and off screen chemistry between the two leads. The result is a stunning tribute to one of Elvis's greatest films, Viva Las Vegas. From glorious full page, full color photos to very rare images of Elvis with fans.

Read EIN's full review and see more great visuals. The recording received extensive media coverage throughout the world in and The discovery of this recording was like finding an unknown Rembrandt or Van Gogh to the music industry. The purchase of this original tape recording in was like a dream come true for Andrew Jackson. However, some dreams can turn into nightmares; especially when those dreams feed the greed and power of the hungry hearts of those who take every avenue possible to steal the dreams of others or to stop the world from sharing the joy of that historical event.

A CD edition of the song will shortly be released. For more information visit the International Classic Productions website. There is no doubt that this is a labour of love for Norwegian Erik Lorentzen , author and long time Elvis fan, who has found a ton of images and information never before published. But it isn't a cheap book and many fans want to know what it really includes and what format it takes. It is a book that tells you how to look, sound and move like the King! The initial pages of the book are printed on cheap pulp paper stock with large text.

This leads in to the highlight of the book — full color photos from the Keith Alverson Photo Archives. His biography of Elvis is well written and given both its target audience and a minimal pages the final 14 of which are Source Notes, Bibliography and Index , in-depth analysis and commentary are not the objective. Ebooks and Manuals

Based on the Source Notes it appears Hampton has written his book based on a small, albeit solid group of bibliographic texts. Not surprisingly, cramming the highlights of 17 years into 38 pages means Hampton can only offer a superficial account of the period. Some may argue this is not such a bad thing when introducing Elvis to a younger market.